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Digital Chaabi Academy is the best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar providing Digital Marketing Courses. Specially Aimed For Freshers, Working Professionals, & Business Owners with Latest Curriculum, 100% Practical Exposure, and Live-Assignments.

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Advance Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

Join the Career Oriented Advance Best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar & Course Training

The Digital Economy is growing 10x faster than other marketing channels and here you have a chance to make a career in Digital Marketing. We offer a Training Program that is made for you and a fellow enthusiast seeking a new career opportunity. Over 28+ Industry Based Skills, High-level classroom training, and more practical experience, all are waiting for you to join & make a career in digital marketing.
Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

Why Choose Digital Chaabi Academy Advanced Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar?

The Advanced Digital Marketing Institute Program is specially designed to help you acquire targeted goals to become a successful digital marketing expert. At DCA Center, the digital marketing Institute training program is segmented into various goal-focused sections that are combined in 40+ digital marketing modules.

We provide 2 modes of training, 1st is classroom training and 2nd is live online training, both certifying you with the Advanced Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar Course Certification and some other certifications. With a lot of opportunities and career-oriented goals, you learn to craft, & explore strategies of Digital Marketing.

We ensure to provide the following opportunities through our Course


100% Job Assistance

Once your successful completion of the course, we provide you the opportunities to get hired in relevant companies with a decent salary. It depends, the better you grow yourself, the better job opportunities you will get.


1 Month Industry Based Internship

We provide you with live projects to practice and get results with the help of expert guidance. Because practical exposure is important before working in any organization we provide you this opportunity to maximize your hiring chances.


1 to 1 Mentorship

For business growth or self career goals, we assist you 1 to 1, so that you can grab what you want from digital marketing training. This will help you take essential steps and invest your time and money where needed.



We offer you an Advanced Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar Course Completion certificate from our Organization, Digital Chaabi Academy. And along with that, you will get Certificates from Google, Bing Ads Certifications & more.

Offering you a Career Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

Digital Chaabi Academy is one of the Best Digital Marketing Training institute in Hisar providing Digital Marketing institute in Hisar, Haryana. This course is specially designed for Freshers, Job Seekers, Working Professionals, Business Owners, and Housewives. It has the latest curriculum, Live assignments and gives 100% practical exposure.

There was a Massive lockdown in the country, for the majority part of the past two years. A large population of youth got stuck at home. They were unable to start their career. A lot of Job opportunities have closed down. It was a major setback for the youth who wanted to begin their career.

But all this started a New Era in the Digital World. With schools, offices, and businesses running online, the Digital world opened up a variety of New Job Prospects. Freshers, who have no experience, can learn the Digital Marketing course from the best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar, and start their career immediately.

A lot of working professionals wish to do a course these days that would enhance their skills, bring them on par with today’s Digital World. They look for short-term courses that would enhance their practical knowledge, will add to their Resume, and also give some extra income. The course of Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar at Digital Chaabi Academy has been designed keeping in view all the above requirements.

The sudden upsurge in the business of E-commerce sites has shown the world that every business big or small needs, not only a social media presence but a lot more than that. The course will enable every business owner to make their business more competitive in the Digital World.

Last but not the least, the Homemakers, who also wish to gain financial independence or Bloggers who wish to share their stories with the World but don’t know-how, Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar at Digital Chaabi Academy is the Answer to all the knowledge and support they are looking for.

So the Chaabi to your success is here, what are you thinking? Get Started

Explore Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course

One course and various modules with multi-dimensional skills

Based on Market & Businesses requirements, we provide you with the practical skills that are in trend and useful to uplift a business or to money-making asset. In our Advance Digital Marketing Course, we master essential skills in the starting phase of the course and then train you for extra skills in Digital Marketing. At Digital Chaabi Academy, We start our advanced course from scratch and once you make yourself familiar, we take it to the advanced level.
Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course has 40+ modules, Some Important are…

WordPress Designing

Most of our students go for WordPress designing, this is an essential skill in digital marketing. Our website designing experts will teach you how you can create a stunning WordPress website for any requirement such as eCommerce, course selling, services & more.


Affiliate Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing is a technique to sell your business online, and after the pandemic, this is now booming. Our trainers will teach you from scratch such as how to prepare an authentic eCommerce store to advance, and how to grab more customers from low-cost ads.



Blogging is an essential skill that makes you money and also you can express your ideas and your learning, and you can spread the knowledge to the world. We will teach you how to start a profitable blog and how to make money online via blogging.

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Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

This is a Media Buying skill to put your services and products on the top results of Google and other search engines. We will train you on how you can set your budget for Search Engine Marketing, How you can place your ads on the top results only, etc.



PPC Stands for Pay Per Click, an essential skill in Digital Marketing. Our media buying experts train you to run cost-effective PPC campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and google. Learn what you should do and what shouldn't while running PPC camping and this results in higher ROI for you.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a most essential digital marketing technique that allows you to grab a higher ROI in the long run. Our experts will teach you how to optimize your email to get a higher open rate, higher click rate, etc. so that you can get the best ROI ever.


Content Marketing

In Content Marketing skills, we will train you on how you can distribute your content on online channels to get more visitors to your website. A basic skill in Digital Marketing but with Digital Chaabi Academy, you can be a Content Marketing expert after the compilation of the course.


Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing is a technique to sell your business online, and after the pandemic, this is now booming. Our trainers will teach you from scratch such as how to prepare an authentic eCommerce store to advance, and how to grab more customers from low-cost ads.

Our Mentor (Mr. Rohit Kharayat) Says


Hey, I am Rohit Kharayat, Your Mentor at Digital Chaabi Academy. You may be a College student, Fresher, a Business owner, Working Professional, or a Housewife. All of you have the same question in your mind; Is Digital Marketing institute in Hisar Really Beneficial or NOT?

Don’t worry I am here to help you to answer all of your questions that are screaming in your head.

Future of Digital Marketing

Because digital marketing is a cost-effective technique that results in 61 percent low cost on the acquisition and after the pandemic, there are 50% growth companies starting their online marketing. So there are tons of opportunities in Digital Marketing and it will also increase in future days because stats are projected to grow the digital marketing valuation to almost 18 billion by 2024.

Sales, Marketing, Advertising

With the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, businesses have seen a vast platter of changes. As the world was helping in the growth of the E-commerce sites like Flipkart, PayTM, Amazon, Myntra, and First Cry to name just a few; we saw exponential growth in the Businesses which had the power of this tool called Digital Marketing. The new Genie entered the world and changed the entire dynamics of the marketing world. It is here to stay as there are more changes to come.

The Instagram/Tik-Tok Generation

In the coming decades, we will have more of the Instagram generation as the customer. More people will move from sites to Instagram. Every day we see Buyers and Sellers on Instagram. There are detailed videos of the products to be sold. From a Journal to Jewelry, Yoga classes to Meditation videos to Zumba classes, everything is available for demo sessions on an Instagram reel.


Digital Marketing therefore would come into a major play for both the buyers and sellers. There will be global marketing from villages to metro cities across the countries. Only websites aren’t important. The business has to be everywhere, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Podcasts, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

In the coming decade, the marketing business will see more Robotic play on the marketing applications and websites. It will be a necessity to have a robot that would personalize the consumer’s needs and choices and show them the required variety of products. This will give them a personalized feeling like they get when they go to a local Showroom. Artificial Intelligence will thus become a more important part of the Digital Marketing World. Robots that can work on the Voice command will stand strong in the Market. This will take Digital Marketing to another level.
ai in dm
conent marketing

Content Marketing

In the simplest of words, its quality is more than quantity. Earlier it was social media Ads that ruled the market. Businesses big or small focused on Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc to increase their customer base. Media was the most important player, But it is now the Content. According to the research, many companies have doubled their content marketing from 2022 onwards. Google recognizes and tells you the content that’s working for you and the one that’s not. Google has explained clearly that content is the only way to rank in Buyer’s research.
Employee Activation, Influencer Marketing, and Augmented Reality are just a few more words to imagine where the Digital Marketing World is heading. There is a lot more that cannot be explained here but as they say, “Sky is the Limit”, the opportunities are vast that need to be explored.

Career Opportunities & Jobs After Digital Marketing Course

With Endless Opportunities in Digital Marketing, you will be eligible for career opportunities that will give you better earnings and asset-building skills. After the pandemic, thousands of eCommerce businesses opened, and more than 40% of the business started their digital marketing. Many of us are in the middle of a college degree and a better career option but the thing is we are not able to move ahead from this situation.

So, why don’t you join the best digital marketing Institute in Hisar? Yes, by joining hands with us you can shape your career for better earning opportunities and if you are seeking to get a handsome job then this can also be possible only with us. We offer you 100% job placement and endless career opportunities through the Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar Haryana, Some of them are the following…

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

You can start your own firm that provides Digital Marketing Services like SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, etc.

online coach

Online Coach

You can start your own Podcast or Youtube channel and Teach a certain course, tell stories, Sing or Dance.


Affiliate Marketing Business

You can work as an Affiliate Marketer and make money by promoting other products sitting in the comforts of your home.


Become an influencer

If you grow as an influencer. You can get to enjoy lots of expensive brands and products, clothes and make-up, and skincare products and review them on social media.

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If that sounds like too much of a responsibility, you can become a Freelancer and work as Content Writer, Video-Editor, Graphics Designer, and Website Designer.

social media

Social Media Manager

You can earn by managing the digital platforms of big firms, their social media, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. If you grow their audience, you can earn even more.

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Digital Marketing Trainer

If working from home isn’t your preference, you can join and teach at a Digital Marketing Institute. You can work as a designer or content writer in a Digital Marketing Firm.


Earn Online

Even housewives and students can earn money from the comforts of their homes. This will make them financially more independent and therefore more confident.

online shop

Ecommerce Business Owner

You can start an E-commerce site for your own business. You can promote your product or services on the digital platform and give a boost to your business.

Advantages of the Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

Digital Marketing is an easy-to-learn practical skill, where anyone can reach globally to grab an audience. With multi-dimensional skills like SEO-based content creation, Search engine marketing, Social paid ads, Video marketing, Email Marketing & Influencer Marketing, there are unlimited advantages of Digital Marketing. You can easily earn a decent income either by having a job or with an online earning asset through this course.
busniess owner

Business Owners

  • You can start your own online business with a small amount of money.
  • You can easily Advertise your product to a specific target audience on a time & days basis.
  • You have Full Control over your budget spent on advertisement.
  • You will get a High (ROI) return on investment through Internet Marketing.
  • You can easily Target only the most specific & interesting audience.
  • line1

    Job Seekers

    • The right time to improve your CV and get the desired job.
    • High Career growth in the digital World with advanced skills.
    • You can easily work from the comfort of your home and earn your desired money.
    • 35+ Lakhs Digital Marketing Jobs in 2019-2022.
    • Be Placed in Top MNCs.
    working pros

    Working Professionals

  • Easily Enhance Your Marketing Skills using Digital Platforms.
  • Work as a Part-Time Freelancer and Earn Money Online.
  • Increase numbers of Sales Online and achieve your target within time.
  • You can easily Create Your Personal Brand awareness using Social Media.
  • Target only the most specific & interesting audience.
  • Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course is framed by our Institute experts in which we will cover all the aspects of Digital Marketing from social media to mobile marketing, from e-commerce to search engine marketing, and from strategy to analytics.

    Students already Build their Careers with the Us

    Experts Behind Your Success in Digital Chaabi Academy​


    Rohit Kharayat

    Founder / Fullstack Digital Marketing Trainer

    Marketing is the backbone of any business, big or small. Success or Failure of any business venture comes down to the sales number, it achieves. I have been a trainer in the Digital Marketing Field for the last few years. With experience of training more than 1,000+ students and business owners, I am here to help you gain the in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. 
    You will get to learn all the necessary skills to earn through Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, enhancing your business while sitting in the comfort of your Home. Within a span of 6-months, you will be more confident and learned to face and stand strong in the business and have better prospects for your future job or start your own Digital Firm.

    Ankush Mehta

    Founder / Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

    It was the start of the 21st century when Yahoo Messenger, Rediff, revolutionized our college days. Within a decade, we had moved from floppy discs to Cds to pen drives. I am here to help you keep up with the pace of Digital World. I am the Founder and CEO of Digital Chaabi, the topmost Digital Marketing Service Provider in Hisar, Haryana.
    It has served more than 300 clients helping them achieve multiple sales growths in their business. With a great team of professionals, I have been running this business for the past four years. I would love to share my knowledge and experience to help you achieve similar heights of success.
    ankush mehta lr

    The Team

    vikas sharma

    Vikas S. Sharma

    WordPress & Landing Page Expert

    Sunil Mehta 1

    Sunil Mehta

    Co-Founder / Administrator

    Success Examples at Digital Chaabi Academy - Best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar

    I have completed my Advanced Digital Marketing course from Digital Chaabi and I have got my first job with a decent salary package. I would like to say thanks to all Digital Chaabi Academy Team and the Trainers who prepare me to get hired.
    Pradeep Jangra
    I was dreaming to set aside a rate race of common jobs, so I have joined Digital Chaabi Academy which is recommended by my relatives. And now I am happy because I am earning a good amount monthly by freelancing at my home.
    Silpi Sinha
    I am into an eCom, I was not able to run profitable ads on Facebook and other online advertisement platforms. This was my luck to get digital marketing skills from Digital Chaabi Academy and these days my eCom sales are 10 times more than previous sales.
    Rishab Khanna

    Advanced Career Opportunities & Corporate Salary in Digital Marketing

    Because the graph of Digital Marketing needs increasing day by day, the number of recruitments is increasing daily. Now, you can’t deny having this career and creating opportunities in your life. Digital Marketing is the only method that provides us with such facilities that we can connect our business with the whole world. So with lots of benefits, we are now surrounded by a bunch of opportunities that are based on Digital Marketing.

    Website/WordPress Designing

    We provide you with these skills in our Advanced Digital Marketing Course, where you can learn designing websites without coding. And after experiencing and completing projects, you can do freelancing on website/WordPress Designing or you can get hired yourself in an organization where it is needed.

    ECommerce Marketing

    A growing career option to start with the help of Digital Marketing skills. Either you have an inventory or you haven’t, but you can start your own eCommerce business with us. We will train you and help you to set up your very first E-Commerce store to start your own career. It will give you a good legacy income in a long run and also it can become a giant business for you.

    Digital Marketing Agency

    With the skills and experience in Digital Marketing techniques, you can start your own agency business. You just need to have to make a team and get the experience of at least 2 to 3 years. You can offer various services of Digital marketing in your agency such as Website Designing, SEO, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, etc.

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    For this, you need to experience the various industries and have to work for them to identify what type of digital marketing technique works for them. You can start consulting services in digital marketing by helping companies to make their result-driven strategy of Digital Marketing. You can become a consultant easily just with industry experience and with self skills.

    Become a Copywriter

    Apart from content writing, Copywriting is a skill that arising day by day, and companies need more copywriters now. Copywriting is an advanced skill of content writing, you can charge more than a normal content writer and offer your services as a freelancer or you can get hired in a corporate sector. A copywriter can make more than 1 Lack per month with freelancing opportunities.


    This is the priority skill that should be experienced in Digital Marketing. Because each and every company required a Media Buyer person in their company to run paid campaigns. You can strongly focus on PPC skills and get advanced experience and can start your career in this field. You can get higher packages from your first fresher job with this skill set.

    Advanced Career Opportunities & Corporate Salary in Digital Marketing


    Digital Marketing Manager

    SEO Manager

    SEM/PPC expert

    Web developer/designer

    Social Media Manager

    Content Writer

    Salary in Rupees

    4 lakhs to 10 lakhs

    3 lakhs to 7 lakhs

    3 lakhs to 5 lakhs

    3 lakhs to 6 lakhs

    3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs

    2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs

    Know About Digital Chaabi Academy - Best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar

    We are an Ed-Tech Company along with Digital Marketing Agency that is Digital Chaabi. Our plan is to make you able to stand yourself in Top Digital Marketing Positions. Digital Chaabi has been providing businesses with a range of services from SEO, PPC, social media campaigns, content writing, email campaigns, and more for 4 years now. After serving our Digital marketing services for several years, we have decided to train you for shaping your career in Digital Marketing.

    We provide you with the best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar, that creates opportunities to grab Digital Marketing Jobs in Hisar and in your city. We always want to meet you with the best-growing career opportunities through our skill-based Advanced Courses. By serving a lot of clients, and by getting various industry-based experiences, we are now on a journey of providing you with the best working skills to grow in the Digital Marketing Field.

    Digital Chaabi Academy is made for providing you with the skills for working on social media, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, pay-per-click, content, digital analytics, mobile, and email marketing. You get here the training on the basis of various industries and the techniques that work for businesses. Our Digital Marketing career-oriented course is of 4 months, plus we provide a minimum of 1-2 months of industry-based internship to get higher experience.

    Who can Join Digital Chaabi Academy’s Advanced Digital Marketing Institute

    Business Owner

    You own a business whether it is service-based or a product-based, you can grow it online with the help of digital marketing skills. No matter whether you are going to hire a digital marketing team to grow your business online, you need to grab these skills. In order to do work in the right direction and to get higher ROI in your business through digital marketing techniques, you need to enroll in our course as soon as possible.

    Ecommerce Business Owner

    The growth of an Ecommerce Business is only possible with the right kind of ads, the perfect ECommerce store, and other relevant skills. If you are going to take your offline store online or you are into an eCommerce business and not getting desired results then Join Digital Chaabi Academy today and start enhancing your skills and then grow your ECommerce business online.


    Being a student is a necessary skill that you should grab now because you can start making extra income from your college days with the advanced skills of Digital Marketing. Our course is designed for starting your career with blogging, as a YouTuber, or as an Influencer. Also, you can perform more passive income tasks with the help of Digital Marketing Skills without affecting your studies.

    Home Maker

    If you are a homemaker, you have the opportunity to spread your skills to the world with the help of Digital Marketing. You must be good at cooking, teaching, motivation, or at anything. You can start teaching others through online channels, like youtube, Facebook Watch, and others. Our Advanced course will help you with your platform and make you able to earn money from these sources.

    Unemployed/Job Seeker

    Frustrated by trying to get a job in a government/private sector, then you have an option that you can grab your first job with some easy-to-learn skills. In Digital Marketing Marketing, there are various job options available in the market. And you can get hired by trained yourself in Digital Chaabi Academy.

    Looking for Passive Income

    You can make passive income with digital marketing assets. You can start an affiliate marketing business, a blog, or a youtube channel, or you can sell software online to generate a legit passive income. We trained you with the working skills and with the knowledge that is necessary to start your passive income journey.

    Digital Chaabi Academy Provides You 100% Placement Assistance

    We are with a connection of more than 100 companies, where we offer our students for doing digital marketing and other relevant jobs. Once you complete our advanced digital marketing course which is of 4 months, and an internship that is optional, you provide you the best suitable job references to you. You can apply and schedule an interview to get selected.
    Our Placement process is based upon your performance and the skills you capture throughout the course. If you give the best result, you can get a higher salaried job from starting phase of your digital marketing career and if you give the average result you will get an average job opportunity from our side.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many Digital Marketing Courses providers are there in Hisar, Haryana?

    There are many coaching institutes that are providing Digital Marketing Course in Hisar, Haryana. You can attend free demo sessions in any of them in order to understand the institute and its course.

    How can one select the best Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar, Haryana?

    Once you zero in on Digital Marketing as your next skill for career development, you need to think about Best Digital Marketing Institute in HIsar which can provide a good Digital Marketing Training. There are various questions that you need to asked Institute Faculty during demo or Career Counselor during interaction to clear your doubts.

    What is the Course Duration of Digital Marketing in Digital Chaabi Academy?

    The duration of the master digital marketing course that covers 35+ modules is four months. The classes are being organized in accordance with the schedule of the students. There are regular batches from Monday to Saturday.

    Which is the Best academy for Digital Marketing Course in Hisar, Haryana?

    Digital Chaabi Academy is the best academy for digital marketing Institute in Hisar, Haryana. It has trained about 2000+ professionals in Hisar and trains them on live and real projects. The students get lifetime access to the classes along with 100% placement guarantee. Digital marketing at Digital Chaabi Academy is a 100% practical course and thus its students are able to earn while they learn. The students are also assured of lifetime job support.

    What is the highest salary one can get in Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing Institute are for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and for those who want a professional career in digital marketing. While business owners are able to make good profits for their business, professionals can expect a salary of Rs. 3.5 to Rs.4 lakhs annually at the entry- level. Their salary package will multiply many times with experience.

    Is Digital Marketing a good career option in Hisar, Haryana?

    Presently, the Digital marketing industry is booming with lots of career and job opportunities like

    1. Digital Marketing Manager
    2. Digital Marketing Executive
    3. SEO Manager
    4. Social Media Manager, and more.

    Businesses have started investing more in digital media. Consequently, there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketers to boost their online presence. So, certainly, the future in the digital industry is really bright.

    What are the job prospects of doing this course?

    Digital Marketing professionals, are in high demand as the domain is growing at a huge double-digit rate. All the major Job Portals are flooded with Job openings in Digital Marketing in All-Region, be it for a fresher or experienced professional there are vacancies available for all.

    Why Should you go for a Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar, Haryana?

    India is blessed with a large pool of youth/ working population. If those youth are not skilled enough to get absorbed in Industry, the problem can be termed as challenging. Our education system is not in sync currently with the industry requirement. Nonprofessional degree programs are not designed to deliver quality learning & skills that can make the youth employable.

    In the present scenario, everybody would aspire to get into the IT industry in order to safeguard their career and get good growth. Digital Marketing opens a new window of opportunities for building a remarkable career in the IT industry. There are many more advantages to choosing Digital Marketing as a career.

    We strongly recommend students or job seekers to attend one free demo of the Digital Marketing Institute in Hisar by Digital Chaabi Academy. The free demo will showcase the growth of Marketing, the emergence of Digital Marketing as a 360-degree marketing solution, the required strength for getting this skill, and how to build one’s career in Digital Marketing.

    How much can I start earning by completing a Digital Marketing Course at Digital Chaabi Academy?

    Being the leading digital marketing institute in Hisar, Haryana, Digital Chaabi Academy offers an excellent online marketing course that is covered in more than thirty-five + modules. The course is 100% practical learning and thus students can get placed easily soon after completion of the course. Digital Chaabi Academy conducts its classes with the help of modern and advanced technological gadgets and exposes students to live projects during the study. Students get to work with top MNC companies and will get 15+ certifications and lifetime job support. Students can easily get Rs. 15,000 per month as a fresher in digital marketing soon after completion of the course and this will increase with experience.

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