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Digital Chaabi Academy is one of the best Digital Marketing Training Institute providing Digital Marketing Course in Hisar, Haryana. Specially Aimed For Freshers, Working Professionals, & Business Owners with Latest Curriculum, 100% Practical Exposure, and Live-Assignments.

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Rohit Kharayat

Hey, I am Rohit Kharayat, Your Mentor at Digital Chaabi Academy. You may be a College student, Fresher, a Business owner, Working Professional, or a Housewife, All of you have the same question in your mind; Is Digital Marketing is Really beneficial or NOT?

Don’t worry I am here to help you to answer all of your questions that are screaming in your head.

Agency Styled Digital Marketing Course by Digital Chaabi Academy

Digital Chaabi Academy is one of the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute providing Digital Marketing Course in Hisar, Haryana. This course is especially designed for Freshers, Job Seekers, Working Professionals, Business Owners and Housewives. It has the latest curriculum, Live assignments and gives 100% practical exposure.
There was a Massive lockdown in the country, for the majority part of the past two years. A large population of youth got stuck at home. They were unable to start their career. A lot of Job opportunities have closed down. It was a major setback for the youth who wanted to begin their career.

But all this started a New Era in the Digital World. With schools, offices and businesses running online, the Digital world opened up a variety of New Job Prospects. Freshers, who have no experience can learn the Digital Marketing course from Digital Chaabi Academy, the best institute in Hisar, and start their career immediately.

A lot of working professionals wish to do a course these days that would enhance their skill, bring them in par with today’s Digital World. They look for short term courses that would enhance their practical knowledge, will add to their Resume and also give some extra income. The course of Digital Marketing at Digital Chaabi Academy has been designed keeping in view all the above requirements.

The sudden upsurge in the business of E-commerce sites has shown the world that every business big or small needs, not only a social media presence but a lot more than that. The course will enable every business owner to make their business more competitive in the Digital World.

Last but not the least, the Homemakers, who also wish to gain financial independence or Bloggers who wish to share their stories to the World but don’t know how, Digital Marketing Course at Digital Chaabi Academy is the Answer to all the knowledge and Support they are looking for.

So the Chaabi to your success is here, what are you thinking? Get Started

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course in hisar

Sales, Marketing, Advertising

With the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, businesses have seen a vast platter of changes. As the world was helping in the growth of the E-commerce sites like Flipkart, PayTM, Amazon, Myntra and First Cry to name just a few; we saw an exponential growth in the Businesses which had the power of this tool called Digital Marketing. The new Genie entered the world and changed the entire dynamics in the marketing world. It is here to stay as there are more changes to come.

The Instagram/Tik-Tok Generation

In the coming decades, we will have more of the Instagram generation as the customer. More people will move from sites to Instagram. Every day we see Buyers and Sellers on Instagram. There are detailed videos of the products to be sold. From a Journal to Jewelry, Yoga class to Meditation videos to Zumba classes, everything is available for demo sessions on an insta reel.

Instagram & Tiktok
Social Media

You show, It sells

Digital Marketing therefore would come into a major play for both the buyers and sellers. There will be a global marketing from villages to metros to across the countries. Only websites aren’t important. The business has to be everywhere, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook , Podcasts etc.


The Artificial Intelligence

In the coming decade, the marketing business will see more of the Robotic play on the marketing applications and websites. It will be a necessity to have a robot that would personalize the consumer’s needs and choices and show them the required variety of products. This will give them a personalized feeling, like they get when to go to a local Showroom. Artificial Intelligence will thus become a more important part of the Digital Marketing World. Robots which can work on the Voice command will stand strong in the Market. This will take Digital Marketing to another level.

All in Digital Marketing
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

In the simplest of words, its quality more than quantity. Earlier it was social media Ads that ruled the market. Businesses big or small focused on Google Ads, Bing Ads etc to increase their customer base. Media was the most important player, But it is now the Content. According to the research, many companies have doubled their content marketing from 2022 onwards. Google recognizes and tells you the content that’s working for you and the one that’s not. Google has explained clearly that content is the only way to rank in Buyer’s research.
Employee Activation, Influencer Marketing, Augmented Reality are just a few more words to imagine where the Digital Marketing World is heading. There is a lot more that cannot be explained here but as they say, “Sky is the Limit”, the opportunities are vast that need to be explored.

It is creative, it is technical, it is engaging, it is interesting.

Digital Chaabi Academy is your step to success in the future. You will get to learn a wide variety of skills and discover your niche.

Jobs After Digital Marketing Course

Each one of us thinks to have a well earning and promising career. The pandemic has given us a roller coaster ride in the past two years. In fact I would describe them as terrible jerks on an already bumpy road of our Careers. The colleges got closed, the exams were postponed a number of times. Many people lost their jobs as a lot of companies found to use Covid as an easy excuse to cut down their expenses. Many of us landed in the middle of Nowhere.
One of the few fields that survived and grew in these times was Digital Marketing. As we were locked inside our homes, the only connection to the outside was through Digital World. From daily essentials to medicines, to the healthcare system to our studies, everything relied on the Digital sources. That’s where the Big Bang of Digital Marketing happened, revolutionizing the entire world.
The Best part about Digital Marketing is the variety of prospects or fields that are available in Digital Marketing:
Digital Marketing Services

You can start your own firm that provides Digital Marketing Services like: SEO, PPC, Social Media Management etc.

Podcast or Youtube

You can start your own Podcast or Youtube channel and Teach a certain course, tell stories, Sing or Dance.

Affiliate Marketer

You can work as an Affiliate Marketer and make money by promoting other's products sitting in the comforts of your home.


If you grow as an influencer. You can get to enjoy lots of expensive brands and products, clothes and make up, skincare products and review them on social media.

Freelance Work

If that sounds like too much of a responsibility, you can become a Freelancer and work as Content Writer, Video-Editor, Graphics Designer, Website Designer.

Digital Platforms

You can earn by managing the digital platforms of big firms, their social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. if you are able to grow their audience, you can earn even more.


If working from home isn’t your preference, you can join and teach at a Digital Marketing Institute You can work as a designer or content writer in a Digital Marketing Firm.

Housewife & Student Earn Money

Even housewives and students can earn money from the comforts of their home. This will make them financially more independent and therefore more confident.

E-commerce Icon

You can start an E-commerce site for your own business. You can promote your product or services on the digital platform and give a boost to your business.

Digital Marketing is a wide platform with a promising Future. It gives you a chance to be creative and technical at the same time, or you can choose to be either according to your preference. With a six month course at Digital Chaabi Academy, the best institute for training, you can instantly boost your career. Digital Marketing Training in a wide variety of areas and two months of extensive internship in Live Projects prepare you better for the years to come. You will get full assistance in resume making and getting a well paid job even if you are a fresher.

What is Digital Marketing

“It is not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”

An average product sells more than the superior product only if it has better marketing strategies. When we talk about marketing strategy, it includes a wide variety of things like Printing ads Billboards, Brochures, Pamphlets, Radio Ads, TV commercials, and now the promotion of the product or service online. In a layman language, Digital Marketing is Online Marketing. Any marketing strategy that has digital platforms for promotion and advertising is Digital Marketing.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff, but the stories you tell”.

Digital Marketing uses digital platforms like computers, laptops, mobiles, and other digital platforms, to sell products and services. With the online platform coming into play, the world market shrunk to our laptops and mobiles. We have moved from Website to Applications. The Millennials and Generation Z are on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Podcasts, and Video. To reach your target audience you have to be everywhere. The instant generation is all around us. And they want instant supply for their instant need.

Digital Marketing uses applications that enable to get better insight into consumer behavior. Digital Market provides better equipment and solutions to understand the psychology of their customer, understand their clientele better. One can understand their clientele better and project their product and service to the right Audience. Marketing Trends, growth charts, Rise, fall; all have become easy with Digital Marketing.

Considering the consumer’s point of view, digital marketing has made their life a lot easier. The truth of how powerful and helpful digital Marketing can be came into the light during pandemic. Everyone was stuck at home. From daily utilities to services, everything reached our homes. For young, students, old age or sick, digital marketing met their daily supplies and needs.

From an analytics point of view, the supplier gets detailed analysis of the market. If you want to start a new service or product, you know where or how to begin. If you are in the market you know where and what to improve.

Email marketing, Blogging, Vlogging, Video marketing, Affiliate marketing are a few of the components that make up digital Marketing. The fields are vast and varied. They give you the opportunity to expand and sell your service or product from the comfort of your home, only using a laptop. Besides, it is a lot cheaper than old-school marketing.

The future of Marketing is Digital Marketing. You look around and it is everywhere. So before it is too late, learn the trends of the market with this New Course at Digital Chaabi Academy. This short-term course of just four months and intensive training for two months in live projects will make you skilled and better prepared for your future. The Digital Chaabi Academy is the best institute in Hisar. It is the best place to learn and add on to your resume. So stop thinking and get ready to stand out in the crowd.

Advantages of the Digital Marketing Course in Hisar

I am assuming that you have already watched the video of the Digital Marketing Course Benefits. Let’s Talk about the Advantages of the Digital Marketing Course. If you are a College Student and need an extra source of income, here Digital Marketing will make it possible. You can easily earn a decent amount of money without affecting your studies.

Business Owner

Business Owners


Job Seekers

Working Pros

Working Professionals

Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course is framed by our Institute experts in which we will cover all the aspects of Digital Marketing from social media to mobile marketing, from e-commerce to search engine marketing, from strategy to analytics.

Boost your career with the help of Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hisar.

Brains Behind the DCA

Ankush Mehta

Founder / Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

It was the start of the 21st century when Yahoo Messenger, Rediff, revolutionized our college days. Within a decade, we had moved from floppy discs to Cds to pen drives. I am here to help you keep up with the pace of Digital World. I am the Founder and CEO of Digital Chaabi, the topmost Digital Marketing Service Provider in Hisar, Haryana.

It has served more than 300 clients helping them achieve multiple sales growths in their business. With a great team of professionals, I have been running this business for the past four years. I would love to share my knowledge and experience to help you achieve similar heights of success.

Ankush Mehta

Rohit Kharayat

Founder / Fullstack Digital Marketer Trainer

Marketing is the backbone of any business, big or small. Success or Failure of any business venture comes down to the sales number, it achieves. I have been a trainer in the Digital Marketing Field for the last few years. With experience of training more than 1,000+ students and business owners, I am here to help you gain the in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. 

You will get to learn all the necessary skills to earn through Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, enhancing your business while sitting in the comfort of your Home. Within a span of 6-months, you will be more confident and learned to face and stand strong in the business and have better prospects for your future job or start your own Digital Firm.

The Team

Vikas Sharma

Vikas S. Sharma

WordPress & Landing Page Expert

Sunil Mehta

Sunil Mehta

Co-Founder / Administrator

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Student Reviews

Rahul Nyol
Read More
Experience was very good with Digital Chaabi academy team. Sir taught and prepared us for our interview for the placements. Digital Chaabi Academy is the best institute to learn about digital marketing.
Mandeep Lohan
Read More
I would recommend Digital Chaabi academy for all those who are trying to start their career in this, must go under training with Digital Chaabi academy and will see the result by themselves.
Read More
Best training of digital marketing. I learnt form Digital Chaabi Academy. They are providing full training. Great and best institute. Awesome place to learn Digital Marketing in Hisar.
Ravneet Singh
Read More
The classes at Digital Chaabi academy were really interactive, the trainer used to be there for help without any time barrier. Also, the institute had a friendly atmosphere.
Jyoti Shukla
Read More
Good trainers are the souls of Digital Chaabi Academy. They have been helping me and others in my batch with our digital marketing needs even after the course was completed.
Gourav Mehta
Read More
I liked the Digital Marketing Course that taught me the how to get a website to appear on the top of search engine. This helped my company to earn a brand name and make a good reputation in the market.

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