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  • Introduction to websites: types and purposes

  • Domain fundamentals

  • Hosting essentials

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • WordPress setup process

  • Navigating the dashboard

  • Installing Themes

  • Adding plugins

  • Understanding pages vs. posts

  • Basics of UI/UX

  • Crafting pages with Elementor

  • Exploring Elementor interface and settings

  • Template customization and creation

  • Building a personal website with a live domain and hosting, including wireframing

  • Creating headers and footers

  • 1. Overview of SEO

    • Definition and key concepts

    • How search engines work

    2. Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

    • Driving organic traffic

    • Enhancing online visibility

    • Increasing credibility and trust

    3. Basic Concepts and Terminology

    • Keywords and keyword research

    • On-page vs. off-page SEO

    • SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

    • Meta tags, title tags, and alt text

    4. Local SEO (Google Business Listing)

    • Profile setup and optimization

    • NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency

    • Claiming and verifying listings

    • Review management

    • Google Posts utilization

    • Local ranking factors

    • Location page optimization

    • Structured data markup

    • Local link building

    • Performance monitoring

    • Google Maps integration


  • Introduction to Content and Copywriting

  • Fundamentals of Effective Writing

  • Crafting Engaging Content

  • Copywriting for Conversion

  • SEO for Writers

  • Editing and Proofreading

  • Advanced Copywriting Techniques

  • Writing for Different Platforms

  • Creating Compelling Calls to Action

  • Storytelling in Copywriting


  • Introduction to Shopify and E-Commerce

  • Setting Up Your Online Store

  • E-Commerce Best Practices

  • Payment and Shipping

  • Marketing Your Online Store

  • Analyzing Store Performance

  • Product Photography and Descriptions

  • Customer Service for E-Commerce

  • Handling Returns and Refunds

  • Scaling Your E-Commerce Business

  • Account creation

  • Navigating the dashboard

  • Different campaign types

  • Understanding bidding strategies

  • Tracking conversions

  • Creating and launching campaigns

  • Post-launch settings and performance measurement

  • Competitive analysis


  • Account setup

  • Dashboard overview

  • Campaign types and objectives

  • Targeting methods

  • Conversion tracking

  • Campaign setup and launch

  • Post-launch optimization and monitoring


  • Introduction to Influencer Marketing

  • Identifying the Right Influencers

  • Building Relationships with Influencers

  • Campaign Planning and Execution

  • Measuring Campaign Success

  • Compliance and Ethics in Influencer Marketing

  • Negotiating with Influencers

  • Creating Effective Influencer Content

  • Managing Influencer Contracts

  • Leveraging Influencers for Brand Growth

  • Setting Up an Affiliate Program

  • Creating Effective Affiliate Content

  • Traffic Generation Strategies

  • Tracking and Analyzing Performance

  • Ethical Practices in Affiliate Marketing

  • Selecting Profitable Niches

  • Building an Affiliate Website

  • Leveraging Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

  • Email Marketing for Affiliates


  • Creating and optimizing accounts

  • Researching topics and keywords

  • Uploading videos

  • Optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags

  • Customizing thumbnails

  • Strategies for Viral Content Creation


  • Implementing pixels on websites

  • Setting up events

  • Building remarketing audiences

  • Launching campaigns targeting existing audiences

  • Canva basics

  • Principles of design

  • Understanding dimensions

  • Creating graphics in Canva

  • Shortcut keys

  • Exploring Canvas features

  • Introduction to motion graphics and animation

  • Introduction to Photoshop

  • Workspace overview

  • Layers and their properties

  • Various tools and options

  • Creating live graphics using different techniques


  • Installing and navigating Camtasia

  • Understanding project layers

  • Overview of tools and properties

  • Creating videos with step-by-step guidance

  • Incorporating animations, chroma-keying, and drop shadows

  • Audio editing options

  • Utilizing Canva and Photoshop for text-based elements


  • Leveraging Chat GPT for various content-related tasks

  • Utilizing Canva apps for animation, text-to-image, and bulk creation

  • Exploring voice generation with 11labs

  • Caption generation with caption.io

  • Content rewriting with Quilbot

  • Background removal with Removebg

  • Alternative to Photoshop with Photopea

  • Importance of effective communication

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Assertiveness vs. aggression

  • Pair exercises: Active listening and paraphrasing

  • Role play: Diffusing conflict through effective communication

  • Group discussion: Assertive communication scenarios


  • Understanding customer needs

  • Features vs. benefits

  • Closing techniques

  • Role play: Sales pitch to a peer with feedback

  • Case study: Handling objections during a sales call

  • Group exercise: Creating persuasive sales presentations


  • Building rapport and trust

  • Empathy and understanding

  • Maintaining long-term relationships

  • Pair activity: Building rapport through active listening

  • Role play: Handling difficult client interactions

  • Group discussion: Strategies for client retention

  • Overcoming stage fright

  • Structuring a speech

  • Engaging the audience

  • Individual speeches with peer feedback

  • Impromptu speaking exercises

  • Group presentation with a Q&A session


  • Components of a strong resume

  • Tailoring resumes for different job roles

  • Highlighting achievements and skills

  • Resume critique and improvement exercise

  • Group activity: Matching skills to job descriptions

  • Peer review: Resume writing workshop

  • Researching the company and role

  • Common interview questions and answers

  • Body language and attire

  • Mock interviews with peer feedback

  • Panel interview simulation

  • Behavioral interview role-plays


  • Professional behavior in the workplace

  • Email and phone etiquette

  • Interacting with superiors, peers, and clients

  • Etiquette scenarios: Dining, networking events, etc.

  • Role play: Handling difficult workplace situations

  • Group discussion: Cultural sensitivity in a global workplace

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Rajesh Kumar
I was able to implement advanced digital marketing techniques that boosted my client base and significantly increased my earnings. The academy's comprehensive training not only helped me grow my business but also paved the way for continuous career growth. A game-changer for digital entrepreneurs
Anil Mehta
The courses are incredibly detailed and hands-on, providing me with the tools and knowledge to effectively market my business online. I've seen a substantial increase in both traffic and sales, making my business more profitable than I ever imagined. This academy is a must for anyone serious about success
Suresh Ray
The courses are well-structured and cover everything you need to know about digital marketing. Not only did I advance my career, but my business also became profitable faster than I expected. The academy's focus on practical application ensures you see real results
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Marketing program in Hisar is different because it’s all about what works right here. You’ll learn practical stuff that you can use in businesses around Hisar. Plus, you’ll actually do things, not just talk about them. It’s like learning by doing, which makes it way easier to understand and remember. So, when you finish, you’ll be ready to confidently tackle any digital marketing job.

In our Digital Marketing program, we show you how to use AI to make your marketing super effective. You’ll learn to understand data, know your customers better, and create ads that really work. It’s like having a super-smart helper by your side! So, when you finish, you’ll be ahead of the pack and impress everyone with your awesome skills.

No, you don’t need any marketing experience to join our Digital Marketing program. We welcome beginners who are just starting, as well as those with some experience looking to level up their skills. Our program is designed to meet you where you are and help you succeed, no matter your background.

Upon completion, graduates can pursue various career paths, including direct positions such as Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, SEO Analyst, Content Marketer, Email Marketing Manager, Paid Advertising Specialist, and Digital Marketing Strategist.

Yes, Digital Chaabi Academy provides job placement assistance, offering career guidance, resume workshops, interview preparation, and connections to industry partners for internship and job opportunities.

The academy provides comprehensive support throughout the learning journey, including access to experienced instructors, personalized mentoring, industry guest lectures, networking events, and career counseling services. Additionally, students benefit from a vibrant learning community, engaging in collaborative projects, group discussions, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities

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