15 Reasons why you should Learn Digital Marketing in 2022

Nobody is unaware of the speeding digital world. The development of technology and the availability of the internet skyrocketed the virtual space to learn, earn, grow and share thoughts. With this- a new term ‘digital marketing’ has emerged. According to the current trends and studies, the scope of a career in digital marketing is very high. Moreover, due to the ongoing pandemic, this industry will surely rise. Due to this, many graduates and even professionals are shaping their careers in digital marketing. If you are still confused, this article will provide you best reasons to learn digital marketing in 2022.

What is digital marketing?

In a layman’s term, digital marketing means interacting with the audience on a digital platform so that people can know your brand.

Digital platforms may be websites, landing pages, social media, and email. Digital marketing is achieved using many strategies. This includes SEO, SEM, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content syndication, social, email, text, and many others.

Why learn digital marketing?

learn digital marketing

If you want to learn digital marketing online or offline mode, firstly you should have a keen interest in the digital world. Then, the process to learn digital marketing online or offline becomes very easy.
To become a professional, it is very important to learn digital marketing online. Not only this will enhance your skill set but also provide you with a certificate after training.

Here are the top 15 reasons to learn digital marketing in 2022 –

why digital marketing


1. Sharp Rise in Internet users

As per a study, a total of 59 percent of the world’s total population uses the internet. Among the users, 4.28 are unique mobile users & 4.14 are active social media users. In 1995, only 1 percent of the total population used the internet. This data is enough to show how the digital world speeded.

2. Increase the Market Value

According to digital marketing trends, there is a big demand and supply gap in digital marketing skills.

  • Skillset needed- 59 %

  • Digital marketing skill supply- 19%

In this case, anyone who has a digital marketing certificate can easily get a job. Therefore, learning fdigital marketing in 2022 would be very profitable.

3. Cost-Efficient

Digital Marketing Certifications are the best way to learn Digital Marketing online in a budget-friendly manner. As many institutes are providing digital marketing courses at an affordable price, you can acquire many skills relevant to this field without spending a ton of money.

4. Flexible Working Hours

Another reason to learn Digital Marketing in 2022 is that it has jobs with the most flexible working hours. Moreover, the
Digital Marketing professionals can work from anywhere. They just need good internet connectivity and they are ready to go!

5. A wide range of Career Options

When you learn digital marketing online, it opens the door to a wide variety of career options. With a digital marketing certificate, you can easily get a job in almost every sector. That is why it is highly recommended to learn digital marketing in 2022.

These are some best career options after learning digital marketing –

• Freelancer
• Establishing own agency
• Online content writer
• Professional blogger
• Affiliate marketing and Adsense
• Youtuber
• SEO specialist
• Email Marketer
• Digital marketing manager
• Search Engine Marketer
Social Media Manager
• Web Designer
And many more.

6. High Salary Jobs

The average salary of a fresher in the Digital Marketing field ranges from Rs. 1.5 – 3.5 LPA. With the increase in experience, the salary can hike up to 30 LPA.

Usually, people holding digital marketing certifications have more advanced skill sets, and hence, get higher salaries. That is why it will be a great idea to start learning digital marketing in 2022 from the best place to learn digital marketing.

7. Future Scope

Digital Traffic Growth

Due to the pandemic, almost everything came online nowadays. And people are getting habitual of using an online platform for almost every utility and service. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing adopts the needs and wants of the customers. Therefore, digital marketing jobs will keep on growing. It will be great to learn digital marketing in 2022 to give a kickstart to your online career.

8. The Fastest Growing Industry

Nobody can imagine his/her life without the internet or smartphones. With the help of the internet, it became quite easy to find potential customers. This growth has led to many job opportunities in this field. According to the experts, in the coming years, this sector will see 10 times more growth than any other sector. Therefore, learning digital marketing in 2022 will secure your career.

9. Enhancing Creative Skills

In most digital marketing jobs, you need to work with various illustrations, graphics, videos, creative writing, and podcasts. All these will provide you with plenty of creative opportunities.

10. Better Communication Skills

Learning digital marketing in 2022 will make interactions with people from different parts of the world. You will work with people of different languages and cultures. This will help you to have all-around personality development.

11. Easy to Learn and Practice

As compared to other courses, it is not very difficult to learn digital marketing online. You can even do it with your regular studies or a 9 to 5 job.

12. Minimum Qualification needed

After passing class 12th, one can enroll himself to learn digital marketing online. Individuals only need a good command of English and some understanding of analytics.

13. No Need for Technical Knowledge

Stepping into the digital marketing world doesn’t ask for technical knowledge. It doesn’t ask you to have a BCA degree either. It requires just basic knowledge of English and analytics.

14. Support your Family Business

You can learn digital marketing online to help your family business by creating better customer relationships, brand image, etc. Therefore, you should learn digital marketing in 2022 for a better start.

15. Certification

Certification in digital marketing course is an add-on to your resume that will make you stand out from the crowd. A study shows that 40% of recruiters select digital marketing profiles.

Where to learn digital marketing?

Learn digital marketing in 2022


Many institutes promise to be the best place to learn digital marketing. Sometimes, the individuals get confused about where to learn digital marketing and end up selecting the wrong one.

However, you should choose the best place to learn digital marketing, keeping in mind the cost-effective criteria.

If you want to learn from the best, go for Digital Chaabi Academy. We have trained professionals with experience of more than 10 years. The variety of courses is cost-friendly with 360-degree development of online marketing learning. This makes DigitalChaabi Academy the best place to learn digital marketing.


If you want to be a challenging marketer in the competitive digital market, you must learn digital marketing in 2022. After getting training and the certificate, you will be ready to be called a modern marketer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Learn Digital Marketing in 2022

• How can I learn digital marketing?

Many individuals have this question- how can I learn digital marketing? As told earlier, digital marketing should be learned from experts who will use their experiences and knowledge to provide you with the best knowledge. You will need to give 1-2 hours daily, analyzing the online platforms.

• How much time does it take to learn digital marketing?

It depends upon the course you chose. If you go for short-term courses, it will take around 6 months. And 2-3 years for long-term courses. When asking how much time it takes to learn digital marketing, you must also keep in mind, how much you are understanding.

• How can I learn digital marketing for free?

If you ask – how to learn digital marketing for free, you must look upon YouTube tutorial videos of reputed channels. However, they will not provide you with proper skills or certifications.

• Where to learn digital marketing?

With so many digital marketing institutes lined up, people get confused about where to learn digital marketing? You must go with an institute with an expert team and cost-effective courses.
Talking about this- Digitalchaabi Academy is the best institute to learn digital marketing in 2022.

• Why learn digital marketing?

  • To become a freelancer

  • To establish your online presence

  • For improving CV

  • For better salaries

• Where to learn digital marketing in 2022?

You need to take admission to a good digital marketing institute or you can start a blog and learn from experience (but that will be time-consuming).
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