Future of Digital Marketing in India | 6 Predictions for 2022

From the past few years, the substantial growth in digital marketing indicates the future of digital marketing in India is going to shift the entire set of marketing strategies. Moreover, no one can deny the fact that the future scope of digital marketing in India will reach new heights and provide promising opportunities across the country.

Today every brand or business wants to market its product through digital marketing channels. Why so? The benefits of online marketing over traditional marketing are terrific. Who wants to market their product or service physically when they can do it by sitting on the system? In addition, it is more impactful and gives them more able to be competitive. In simpler words, for digital marketing ‘Sky’s the limit’.

Reasons of Bright Future of Digital Marketing in India

All these factors provide room for the future of digital marketing in India. Seeing all these drastic changes, it is not hard to predict the future of digital marketing in India. Now, without any further delay, here is the list of predictions in online marketing that are going to be the future of digital marketing in India in 2022.

1. The Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become the technology that helps businesses in many ways. For example, knowing consumer behaviors, allows search engines to work with more precision and provide personalization. Gradually, businesses and marketers will see more of it.

This is a necessity to keep the needs of consumers first. Presently, Google and Facebook platforms are using AI to run ads and adjust based on user engagement. It is still in the growing stage to achieve a human level of creativity. Therefore, AI has become an integral part of the future of digital marketing in India 2022. 

Future of Digital Marketing in India

2. Content Marketing

Never underestimate the power of content! Quite filmy but that’s entirely true. Social media, Google Ads are all fine to boost the marketing strategies to promote a brand. But for now and future Content is the King!

Future of Digital Marketing in India

A major part of the future of online marketing in India lies in the hand of content. And why not? From 2022 onwards, many businesses have extensively focused on content marketing. Further, Google helps us to know what content is providing good results to us and whatnot. To clarify, Google explains content is the only way to rank in the user search. 

3. Augmented Reality

By 2024, it is predicted that the number of mobile AR users will increase to 1.73 billion from 800 million. AR is not exclusive to the gaming industry, it is considerably contributing to building the future of digital marketing in India.

The benefits of AR include- driving more sales, giving the opportunity of trying the product before buying to consumers. In simpler words, AR helps to try on with the brand without interacting in reality.  Moreover, it allows customers to know more about the brand by scanning the product. 

Here is an example of Tata Nx Zero Sugar, which has used AR to create awareness on sugar consumption. As a result, improves the sales of products. 

Future of Digital Marketing in India

The concept of AR in digital marketing is huge which can’t be fully explained in this article. To understand each and everything in detail and boost your business. Consider contacting the top digital marketing company in India.

4. Generation of Instagram 

Recently, Instagram and TikTok, these two platforms lead off social commerce. These have become the new e-commerce tool for businesses and influencers too. Besides, Instagram has grown and come up with features like reels which are being extensively used in Influencer Marketing.

And as a result, more people are shifting to Instagram. According to October 2021 data, India has over 200 million users on Instagram. Out of it, more than half of users interact with shopping brands’ profiles daily. 

Future of Digital Marketing in India

Businesses to increase their sales can use Instagram features such as Live streaming, Shop Tab, Reels Ads, IGTV and Instagram Check out. Therefore, Instagram has become the future of digital advertising in India. However, in 2022 TikTok has also launched TikTok Shopping. This will allow brands to add a shopping tab to their profiles.

5. Voice Search 

Voice search positively affects growth in e-commerce websites. People use voice assistants for products that are not worth searching for before buying. For example, grocery items. 

Amazon already incorporated this feature, powered by Alexa. The Amazon ‘Speak to Shop’ feature allows users to shop effortlessly through voice commands. Another instance is of Walmart, joined hands with Google and launched a feature called ‘Walmart Voice Order’.

Future of Digital Marketing in India

This digital marketing trend is expected to grow in other websites in the coming years. Accordingly, bestow the brighter future of digital marketing in India. Voice commerce significantly benefits e-commerce websites. But ‘How to implement it in the right way to get better results?’ We know many other questions will arise. However, consulting the right agency for digital marketing is the only solution for any related query. After all, your business or brand will give new heights to the future of digital marketing in India. 

6. 5G Technology 

5G Technology or Fifth Generation Technology will take the future of digital marketing of India to a whole new level. With 5G the communication between business and consumer will become faster and better. The future of digital advertising becomes stronger as marketers or advertisers can create quality videos. And, users can load them in no time. 

Future of Digital Marketing in India

5G will give a pool to interact with customers with more personalized and custom ads. In other words, the interaction and priority of customers’ needs will be assessed effortlessly. As a result, the marketers will get a visible increase in their sales. Numerous biggest possibilities can happen with 5G in India. This will surely improve the customer and marketers’ relationship.

Many other predicted trends will contribute to deciding the best future of digital marketing in India. First- Party Cookies, Mobile Commerce, and  Live streaming are some more words in digital marketing. All are worth learning by upcoming marketers. After all, myriad options are available for a career in digital marketing after the covid-19 pandemic.

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Future of Digital Marketing in India

As we have been seeing rapid growth in digital marketing across the country, we can expect numerous options in careers. However, to outshine you need great skills and certifications. And to put you on a roller coaster of the digital marketing world, we as Digital Chaabi Academy are one of the best digital marketing institutes to learn digital marketing in India. After all, along with the bright future of digital marketing in India, the future of digital marketing jobs in India also increased. And guess what? Maybe you are the owner of the next biggest digital marketing firm! Or maybe your brand is the next big name in your industry!


The future scope of digital marketing in India is on another level. It will come with several opportunities, promising career options and will certainly change the life of everyone. To be prepared and updated about the digital world, it is wise to learn digital marketing in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How will our lives change with the ongoing Digital Transformation?

If we talk about the current scenario of the prevailing covid-19 pandemic, it has given wings to digital marketing. It has pushed the business to adapt to new technologies and trends. That will make the future of digital marketing in India the brightest. Accordingly, the life of every individual will change with this digital transformation. Life becoming self-centered, as we can already see changes like books to e-books, real maps to GPS. Also, door-to-door marketing to online marketing, albums to sharing photos on Instagram, and more. 

  • Is digital marketing a good career in India in the future?

Without thinking twice if you are curious about the digital marketing world, the answer is ‘Yes’. You just require relevant skills, trending, and future technologies. Consequently, will get settled with a well-paid job. The best career in digital marketing options is Digital Media Manager, Seo/sem specialist, Content Strategist, E-commerce specialist, and more. 

  • Can I go abroad after learning digital marketing?

Why not? To shape your career, to explore, or to establish a business, you can surely go abroad after learning digital marketing. However, the future scope of digital marketing in India is also worth considering. As each top digital marketing company in India has been achieving great heights.

  • Is Digital Technologies making our life better?

Digital technologies have made our life better through easier and more convenient communication. From both individual and marketing perspectives, technologies have been changing life fruitfully. For example, through smartphones, we can do a lot of things in seconds. From scrolling through the internet to buy and sell products or services. Moreover, digital advertising, the newest technology has defined the future of online marketing in India.