How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute? | 7 Tips

To help you with this crucial decision of how to choose the best digital marketing institute for your better career, Digital Chaabi Academy has made this article.

As we can see, shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing is occurring all around the world. Every brand or company is opting for digital marketing. As a result, the arena of the digital world is getting bigger and coming with more and more opportunities. So are you prepared to grab these opportunities?

Before starting with how to choose the best digital marketing institute. Let’s get aware of this broad term digital marketing and the pros of learning digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Promoting product or service or creating awareness about your brand through online mediums or tools or channels that include email, social media, google search, or website. Many digital marketing strategies come into play here to do better and attract more leads. According to the latest data and increased usage of online marketing, the scope has been also considerably increasing.

Why choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

In the first place, the question should be like why not choose digital marketing as a career? So that article can be finished with one line. Not joking! As there is a big list of the benefits of learning and choosing it as a career option. Let us count for you. 

  • For the past few years, it is the most demanding. 
  • Impressive salary for full-time professionals as well as for freelancers.
  • Is it your dream to start your own business? You can now easily do it after learning digital marketing from the best digital marketing training institute.
  • Flexible hours, work from home, and countless advantages. 

So, do you want to be part of the future of digital marketing? But wait, we are getting too fast because finding the best institute for digital marketing courses is still pending. Here, we will highlight every minimal thing that is necessary to consider while choosing the best institute to learn digital marketing.  Let’s get started!

Note: Before choosing the best training institute for digital marketing, keep ready yourself to what course you want to pursue. In simpler words, in which you find yourself interested.

How to choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute?

1. More Practical, Better learning

Best digital marketing institute

The approach of teaching is the topmost point to consider to choose any best digital marketing institute. The digital marketing course is based on 90 % practical and 10% theory. Therefore, if you are choosing for the institute or course that is providing equal to zero practical knowledge then a big NO!

Practical classes lead to understanding things better. Hence, the more you work on practical projects, the better you learn. After all, in the future your theory part will be useful but if you have no idea of implementing it. Then, God knows! 

2. Faculty- The Biggest Factor

Best digital marketing institute

Next thing is to check on their faculty whether it is expertise in their digital marketing field or not. Moreover, their experiences in the digital marketing world and teaching experience. The right faculty will always be ready to provide guidance to start a career in digital marketing.

If a team has other industrial experience in digital marketing and has been working on digital marketing for 4-5 years then it’s great and you can surely go for it. In other words, get to know if they are capable of providing you theory as well as practical properly or you are investing your money at the wrong place. 

3. Course certification

Best digital marketing institute

Why will you choose a top digital marketing institute that will not provide enough certificates? The major point of joining it gets dissolved here. 

After all, people pay for the best training institute for digital marketing for two reasons: Firstly, to gain practical knowledge of online marketing. Secondly, to get a completion certificate to build a resume. Otherwise, there are various free resources to learn online marketing theoretically and without certification. So, keep the factor of whether your chosen institute provides other affiliated certifications or not. 

4. Assurance of Placement and Internship

Best digital marketing institute

Do you want to be a freelancer or planning for a startup? Then placement and internship should be your important concern. Internship helps in gaining experience, handling responsibilities, extra knowledge, and more.

Therefore, check whom you call the best place for a digital marketing course that provides a placement or not. For this, you can search for the employability of alumni. Or if they had gained experiences through internships. 

4. Reviews 


digital chaabi reviews

No matter whether you are buying a product or choosing the best digital marketing institute for yourself, recommendation works favorably.

The review and ratings help in knowing a lot about top digital marketing institutes. Their course quality, faculty and team, the experience of alumni, and more. Hence, don’t forget to read reviews of each best digital marketing institute.

5. Reputation 

Reputation tells a lot about the institute. For this, check their brand reputation in the market, social media handles, faculty experience, and their growth. 

Once the reputation of a top digital marketing institute is cross-checked, you will get sure about investing your money and time. Besides, it prevents you from any kind of fraud and fake promises. 

6. Course Modules

Best digital marketing institute

You will not learn outdated or older modules of digital marketing. Right? So, before entering into your best digital marketing institute know about the modules.

How many modules do they provide?

Are modules updated?

Are modules advanced and of current style?

For instance, when you choose all modules of the course, they must go from basic digital marketing to advanced tactics of marketing. Further, does the institute work on live projects? What is the mode of lessons and classes? What is the duration of the course? Know all of these before joining.

7. Demo Classes

Is it the right place to learn digital marketing? This question can be cleared only after experiencing the atmosphere of a training institute. The best institute for digital marketing course is the only one that provides an opportunity to choose the satisfactory one. 

The best digital marketing institute provides demo classes for free. Also, demo classes for at least two days are enough to get an idea of the institute. Meanwhile, you will get ready to choose your best digital marketing institute.


These 7 tips on how to choose the best digital marketing institute will help to decide the right place for you. It’s not about pushing yourself to learn from any institute. Sit, research and cross-check every point and ask yourself, will this direct me to have a good career?

Consider Us

Best digital marketing institute

Digital Chaabi Academy is the best digital marketing institute providing advanced digital marketing courses with 16+ certifications after successful completion of the course. Our expertise team of Ankush Mehta and Rohit Kharayat provides qualitative and practical learning of concern courses. To know about the atmosphere of learning, two days demo classes are also provided for free. Moreover, the experience of being in this industry and owning the Digital Chaabi for 10 years makes us able to provide the best service and guide upcoming digital marketers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


  • Which institute is best for digital marketing?

Digital Chaabi Academy is one the best digital marketing institute to learn digital marketing with full practical exposure. It is based on the latest curriculum, live assignments, and affiliated certifications. Most importantly, give access to work on live campaigns on Google Ads. Worth investing your money here! 

  • How do I find a good digital marketing training institute?

The tips involved while looking for a top digital marketing course institute include:

  • Know institute course curriculum.
  • To know how much practical knowledge they provide.
  • Checking on faculty expertise.
  • Check reviews and testimonials.
  • Kind of certification they provide.
  • Assurance of internships and placement.
  • And lastly, shortlist the top 10 digital marketing institutes and take their demo classes.
  • Which branch of digital marketing is best?

Keeping in mind the current need of time and trends of digital marketing. These are some branches of digital marketing that are worth learning and prove to be the future of digital marketing.

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing 
  • Analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile marketing and more.
  • Should I join a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing is the most growing industry across the world. It doesn’t matter, you are a student, job seeker, working professional, business owner, or planning to be. In the context of business, it helps to reach a large audience, to grow sales, and develop the business with countless digital marketing strategies. So the answer is YES!

  • What is the highest salary in digital marketing?

The highest salary at the executive-level position is approximately INR 5,00,000. On the other hand, for the manager position, the expected highest salary is approximately INR 10,00,000.

  • Is digital marketing worth it in 2022?

The scope of digital marketing in 2022 is broader and bright, so honestly, it is worth learning and building a career in the same. The reasons are:

  • Even if you have the right budget, you can be successful in digital marketing with your skills.
  • Every brand and business is shifting from traditional to digital marketing. Ultimately, the opportunities are increasing.
  • You can choose a specific niche as the scope of digital marketing is broad. So, you can work on your interest within flexible hours.